eka-ruola Eka Ruola

Eka Ruola, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at hasan & partners group (Finland)


Eka Ruola is one of the most awarded creative directors in Finland both nationally and internationally. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer at a 25-year old marketing communications agency hasan & partners, but while most creatives are happy to remain creative, Eka has gone further, taking on the business leadership mantle as the group CEO too. In that role he’s helped the agency to become one of the leading marketing communications networks in the Nordics. In 2014 the company bought renowned digital agency Perfect Fools that operates in Stockholm and Amsterdam. By now, hasan & partners is one of the most awarded agencies in Northern Europe and for 4 consecutive years hasan & partners has been voted the #1 advertising agency in Finland. Among Eka’s projects is also a company that he founded under the hasan & partners group – a consumer insight agency called Frankly Partners.


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